A Self-Paced Transformation Program

Designed To Get Your Metabolism Working

And Get The Results You Want.


Intensive Program

Get our step-by-step framework that will take you from feeling frustrated & overwhelmed with your health and fitness journey to feeling free and confident!

Have you attempted to get healthy and feel confident in your body, but struggle to stick with it or stay motivated?

Maybe you’re even starting to question whether it's worth trying anymore.

Trust us, we've been where you’re at!

Although we are different points in life, we are both breast cancer survivors, are both in menopause and have had to deal with MANY struggles regarding our health, fitness and body image issues.

Because of our experiences, we have a strong passion for helping women overcome their obstacles, which is why we've developed the exact blueprint for you.

So where are you at right now?

Let us know if any of this sounds familiar…

  • You are constantly looking for a solution to lose weight fast.

  • You always feel like you are starting over, back to day 1.

  • You struggle to stay motivated.

  • You feel self-conscious in your clothes and in photos.

  • It feels like you lack self-control.

  • You feel like a lost cause because you never stick to healthy habits.

  • You are overwhelmed by all of the information experts are telling you to do.

  • You feel frustrated with yourself because you're not consistent

If you're like most of our clients, we know what normally comes next ...




They shared your struggles too...

"Thank you, Leslie and Lisa, for an incredible experience.

I've tried every weight loss program there is, and I appreciated the flexibility, direction, guidance and support of this program.

I hate counting calories and I hate low carb. They just aren't sustainable for me.

This program worked and I think I can keep up with it. I'm already down 7 lbs. and my clothes are fitting differently."

"I've only been a part of this group for a few days and already feel like I belong. You share your struggles and it's like you can relate to me. You're real and I love the energy you both bring. Can't wait for more!"

"Enjoying a banana again!! I feel like I've been brainwashed that bananas are bad if trying to lose weight. That's what I love about this program - It's balances and reasonable!"

Most fitness professionals teach you how to lose weight with restrictions & unrealistic expectations...

Our program teaches you how to not only reset your metabolism and get it working for you, but also to heal your relationship with food, with yourself and how to get and maintain results without restrictions and crazy cardio!

Picture yourself…90 days from now...

  • You no longer hide in photos

  • You’re not comparing yourself to other women on social media or when you go out

  • You feel GOOD and confident in your skin

  • You are no longer feeling like you need to “start fresh” on Monday

  • You don’t feel guilty for eating your favorite foods

  • You no longer feel out of control with your eating habits

  • You don’t hate who you see in the mirror

  • You feel energized and have already reached some of your goals!

  • Being healthy is just a normal part of your life. It doesn’t feel forced or like a constant battle.

We will work through healing from the inside out. You will unlearn the beliefs and thoughts that are causing you to self-sabotage and reprogram the way you think so you can finally make long-term progress.

Introducing the 90-Day Intensive Program

The online transformation program with a step-by-step framework that will walk you through how to reset your metabolism, lose weight and develop more confidence and self-control without unrealistic dieting or crazy cardio.

In this course, we walk you through exactly how to:

  • reset your metabolism naturally through food and exercise

  • how to stop self-sabotaging

  • reprogram your thoughts to work FOR you instead of against you

  • confidently understand what ‘healthy vs unhealthy’ actually means

  • set up your goals and stay motivated to stick to them

  • get results and maintain them in a realistic and sustainable way

This program includes...

  • 12 engaging video modules + downloadable PDFs/worksheets [$797 value]

  • Access to our Focused Transformation training app - workouts, tracking, nutrition &more [$599 value]

  • Exclusive client Facebook accountability & community group [priceless]

  • Weekly Q&A coaching sessions in Facebook group [$99 value]

  • Weekly email progress evaluations & check-ins for additional support & accountability [$197]

  • Weekly coaching calls [$399 value]

  • Live workouts

  • Live cooking demonstrations

Additional bonus stack... [$249 value]

  • Recipe Packs, sample meal plans and shopping lists

  • Bonus videos & education

Payment plans and paid-in-full discounts are available!